Launching Green Karachi Campaign to get 15,000 More Trees

Green Karachi Campain

The National Forum for Environment and Health (NFEH) launched its Green Karachi campaign on Thursday.The city will get over 15,000 more trees.This is the third phase of the campaign and, so far, over 300,000 saplings have been planted, said NFEH president Naeem Qureshi at the launch ceremony held at Karachi Gymkhana. The initiative is supported by the Korea Green Foundation.This phase of the tree plantation drive will continue till September, he said, adding that saplings will be planted at educational institutions, industrial areas and various parks of the city. The trees will primarily be that of Neem, however, we will also include other kinds, such as Jamun, he added.

Pakistan’s first urban forest makes way in concrete jungle Independent environment expert Rafiul Haq shed light on the deteriorating environmental situation by narrating examples from across the globe. Globally, 15 billion trees are cut down every year, he pointed out.The case for urban trees: Greenery can improve public health in Karachi

Haq also brought forth the issues that arise in plantation of trees, such as planting the wrong type for relevant soils. He gave the example of some trees that give out pollen, which can cause asthma. Haq also advised the plantation drive members to take care of the plants once they had been planted since post-planting care was essential to the ultimate objective.

Sindh Environmental Protection Agency director-general Naeem Mughal also pledged his support to the cause while praising the initiative. Mughal also stressed that 1,000 cities in the world have been declared as ‘green cities’ and Karachi should also move in that direction.


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