Temporary London Homes Suitable for David Cameron

Outgoing British prime minister David Ca

When it emerged on Monday that Theresa May would become prime minister today, it came as a shock to David Cameron who thought he would have around nine more weeks to sort out his post-10 Downing Street move.Mr. Cameron had to quickly find a place to stay in London, while his children finish off the school year before he takes his family on their annual summer vacation.But the former prime minister’s real estate woes aren’t over. He will also need to find somewhere to rent when he returns from vacation if he is unable to get his current tenant out of his large £3.5 million ($4.6 million) family home in Notting Hill in west London in time.He has been renting it out since he moved into the prime minister’s official residence in Downing Street in 2010 and while the duration of the lease is not known, it could be fairly lengthy since Mr. Cameron indicated last year that he would like to stay on as prime minister until 2019. However, the Brexit “yes” vote changed all that and led to his resignation last month.


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