Computer assisted image could guess the correct age ?

how old look

Computer assisted image could guess the correct age? Recently Blood developer conference in San Francisco, Microsoft introduced a Web site, which claim that they can guess the age of just an image. The name of the site, scolding old Hao net ‘is.

The website reappear popularity flags have been buried. I know what your life is all but an experience to be able to upload your photos on the site are to be enjoyed. Microsoft in the site fees recognition API (Microsoft’s face recognition API) is used.

The website says that we are not safe with no picture, so generously as you like, you can upload photos of the consequences. It is also very easy to use web service, just go to this page and upload your picture. It immediately faces a scan is determined by age and sex.

What percentage of this website is the result? It depends on your image and facial structure too. Close-up image of the face and you will not cry out so you can see the result. But an innocent photo uploaded by giving its real ckmh few years younger than the age of the certificate can also give comfort to the heart.

Microsoft says the service is still under development, making the best of the best is on its way. However, it is an interesting website, which are all to be enjoyed.


6 thoughts on “Computer assisted image could guess the correct age ?

      1. Yes, I know, the facial structures. I was thinking that skin types also change the facial structures, and that part the computer cannot obviously detect. Thanks.


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