Emotional Baggage Costume Designs

North Salinas High School Theatre

IMG_9294 My students are so incredibly modest. I knew they would churn out some brill designs, and boy, did they ever! Here’s the process we followed:
  1. Review words like vintage, pullman, cougar mom, valise
  2. Read the play, “Emotional Baggage” by Nina Shengold, aloud in class.
  3. Pick your favorite character and complete your questionnaire.
  4. Get a body template.
  5. Draw your costume.
  6. Learn about how cotton is in everything, so review fabrics.
  7. Label your garments with real words [NOT just cotton].
  8. Pin it up on the legs onstage.

All our designs are up on our Flickr account. Below, check out our preview.

Tell us your favorite:

Go here and look at all the great designs. Provide a link to the design and provide one reason why it’s so drop-dead gorgeous. Not sure how to do a link? Describe the design in three sentences and give us your reason why…

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