Western Media Blames Malaysian Plane Hijacked To Pakistan !


Western Media Blames Malaysian Plane Hijacked To Pakistan . . . . !

US: Flight MH370 was taken hostage and taken to Pakistan.

The Boeing 777 jetliner vanished six days ago with 239 people on board. The flight left Kuala Lumpur at 4.41pm GMT bound for Beijing, but less than 50 minutes later it lost communication with air traffic control.

It is reported that the Chinese state agency released satellite images of three pieces of large debris floating in the sea near the plane’s last recorded position in the South China Sea but found nothing.

According to the media reports, the Engine data received from MH370 declared that it continued flight for 4 hours after the contact was lost from ground control.

This intention means that flight could have flown to any direction to a particular location. According to the Wall Street Journal. the plane could have travelled for another 2,200 miles to Pakistan or Mongolia. Whereas, according to Fox news flight MH370 was taken to Pakistan as hostage. It is declared as a terrorist activity plan.


Similarly, US media has been declaring that flight MH370 was taken to Pakistan as a hostage and they are promoting  this news on different social websites. According to the analyst and experts, this is something totally illogical and without evidence.


US investigators are looking into the prospect and counter terrorism officials are investigating the idea that the plane’s transponders were turned off intentionally and the aircraft was diverted.


Similarly, other negative ideologies have been projected through the source of Fox news, in order to portray more negative impact on Pakistan.


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